About Us.....Program Description

Pitter Patters Childcare, LLC is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. We serve children ages 2-5 yrs. We have reasonable rates and special discounts for NIssan, Amazon and MTSU families. 

Admission Requirements
As an equal opportunity childcare center Pitter Patters Childcare, LLC considers applications for enrollment, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law. Enrollment packets are provided to interested parents/guardians upon completion of an “Orientation Tour”. All admission requirements must be met at least two business days prior to the child’s first day of attendance.

Child Placement
The primary considerations for classroom placement are chronological age and developmental level of the child.

The Early Preschool Program - It is our belief that he/she should enter this new and exciting learning experience already toilet trained. This is important so that both your child and the teacher can focus their energies on developing important cognitive skills through uninterrupted interaction with the curriculum and learning environment.

Pitter Patters Childcare Center will transition successfully toilet trained children into the Early Preschool classroom. If an exception must be made, the Two-Year-Old Program classroom tuition will be charged until the child is successfully toilet trained. We feel that this policy will ensure that all Early Preschool children receive the program quality they deserve.

In each of the programs at Pitter Patters Childcare Center, toddlers and two’s, Early Preschool Program and the pre-kindergarten program, we provide activities that meet each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs. Developmentally appropriate and play-based learning experiences include a substantial amount of time outside. Activities conducted outdoors offer children exposure to new experiences and opportunities of exploration. Additionally, it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.
Note: Curriculum calendars are provided (and posted) in each classroom. This calendar lists curriculum activities as well as special days or events such as holidays.

Pre-K Program
Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and includes all children who will attend kindergarten during the following school year. Curriculum for this class follows the pre- kindergarten curriculum guidelines set by the Department of Education and is more structured and more intense than in our younger classes.